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Dear Students,

The fundamental goal and the function of the Universities are to pursue research studies and give education all over the world. The level of development and knowledge of countries depend on their having competent and qualified universities because Universities are the places in which knowledge that is “the most essential power of the era” is produced, and in which this knowledge is shared.

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Kilis 7 Aralık University is carrying out its research activities with this fundamental concept. In our faculty, in addition to social and natural sciences, our students get also thorough and sufficient Bachelor of Science degrees. The way of access to knowledge is being taught, and our faculty enables students to get  various abilities. Therefore, our primary target is to bring up ones who adapt themselves to the necessities of the time, who are dynamic, man of vision and productive individuals, open to new ideas, who can think freely, and who can discuss self-reliantly. 

In Faculty of Arts and Sciences, there are still ten active departments at Bachelor Degree. These departments are Turkish Language and Literature, History, Philosophy, Eastern Language and Literature, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Mathematics, Geography, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.  Furthermore, there are four departments which haven’t started yet. These departments are Western Languages and Literature, Sociology, Psychology and History of Art. In this university, beyond learning just the scientific norms, it is aimed to provide an opportunity of more qualified education like discussion, questioning the knowledge, updating the existent knowledge with new methods. In this context, all the lecturers, instructors and administrative staffs aim to raise capable individuals by working hard.

As a result, in order for our country to reach modern civilization, by working and gaining strength together, I wish to transfer to the next generation, a faculty earning esteem with academic qualifications in Science World with our research and educational institution activities.

With my Best regards.

                                                                                                       Prof. Dr. M. Fatih KANTER

Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Son Güncelleme: 2021-03-12 10:17:06

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